Michelin Trial X-Light Competition Tire

  • Designed to make lateral movement easier - Thanks to their lightweight design, Michelin® Trial Light Competition tires are designed to make it easier for you to get on your way
  • Maximized contact patch casing - Michelin® Trial Light Competition tires feature a carcass suited to Trials competition. They adapt to absorb the impact of any obstacles they encounter
  • The Tire of Champions - Winner of the 2018 Indoor and Outdoor Trial world titles with Toni Bou for the 12th year running
  • The Michelin® Trial Light (front and rear) is six percent lighter than the Michelin® Trial Competition (front and rear)
  • Redesigned bead area increases sidewall rigidity to reduce tire movement on rim, even at very low air pressure
  • Compatible with low air-pressure settings; recommended pressures for trials use: 5 psi (EU: 0,35 Bar) rear
  • Maximized Contact Patch casing for better grip on loose surfaces and when cornering
  • More flexible tread area for better grip on obstacles and rocks
  • Michelin's Benchmark Trial Tire