Surron Footpegs by Grit Shift

Don't let your footpeg bracket break! Redesigned for an improved sleek look and added strength. Support it with a GritShift aluminum footpeg support brace. Riding while standing on the Sur-Ron or Segway footpegs can bend the brackets and eventually lead to bracket failure. The footpeg support brace helps you avoid a dangerous break and potentially serious injury when you're pushing your e-bike on the trails, tracks, or streets. Extensive testing has been done on these braces to ensure that, whether your bike is brand new or you've been riding it for years and already started to bend your stock bracket, this new one will fit! Fits perfectly to your bike with the included O-Rings & to prevent any unwanted rattling. You can have this footpeg bracket bolted onto your Sur Ron E-Bike, or X260 within 10-15 minutes. Simply remove the 2 bolts holding on one of your footpeg brackets, slide the brace in the slot, and reinstall the 2 bolts! That's it! You are back to riding with added protection and safety installed on your Sur Ron or Segway e-bike in less time than it takes to wash your bike.