Segway Ninebot Kick Scooter Max

The Segway Max is the best electric kick scooter available today. There may be other electric kickscooters with more watts and more power, but more power doesn't make it better. It's usable power that I like. The scooters that brag about top speeds of 40 mph are more dangerous than a motorcycle. You need to be dressed in full armor if you get on those speed demons.

The Segway Max is more for every day use. I didn't feel like I needed a full face helmet and armor to ride it. I do always recommend wearing a helmet. The Segway Max was very controllable. The thumb speed control is the best. Never get the finger trigger. They are very hard to control speed.

One of the biggest problems with today's electric kick scooters are the pneumatic tires. Tires go flat all the time and replacing and repairing the tire isn't easy to do. The Segway Max has innovation to help prevent flat tires!

Don't buy a no name electric scooter with no dealer support. Moped Garage is in talks to become the official warranty repair shop for Segway. That means we have Replacement Parts to keep you running. There is no better place to get your own electric scooter than MOPED GARAGE

Price $849.00 + $100 Shipping + Tax  =  $995.92 OTD