TUBLISS - Gen 2.0 System

  • Superior rim protection: 100 PSI protection at the rim providing a protective cushion against rim damage. It also stabilizes the tire closer to the rim so the sidewall stands up instead of flopping over, this allows the tire to absorb more of the impact forces before they get to the rim
  • Dual air chamber system that replaces conventional tubes with a high pressure, rim protecting inner bladder acting as a 360° rim lock that seals the tire to the full circumference of the rim
  • 2 minute tire repairs: without the tubes you can now plug tires in just seconds with standard tubeless tire plugs (no need to remove the wheel)
  • Super durable, when properly installed and maintained they can out last your bike, much more economical than buying countless tubes
  • 100 PSI where you need it, run as low as 0-10 PSI where you want it
  • Breakthrough low pressure capability
  • Pounds lighter than heavy duty tubes
  • Massive traction gains, 2x traction
  • Ultimate upgrade
  • Tires last longer
  • No pinch flats
  • Plusher ride