Icebear Champion 125

OTD Price includes :  Tax, Freight, Assembly, Safety check, Fuel 
  • CT70 Trail 70 Clone
  • Upgraded Dual Shocks + Dual Forks Suspension
  • Upgraded Chrome Sideview Mirrors + Handlebars
  • Upgraded LED Turn Signals + Brake Lights 
  • Upgraded 10" Aluminum Plated Steel Rims 
  • Upgraded Chrome Plated Rear Shocks 
  • Electric Push Button Start 
  • Backup Kick Start 
  • 125cc Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke Air Cooled Engine
  • 4 Speed Semi Automatic Transmission
  • Chrome Plated Exhaust
  • Upgraded High Performance Chain
  • Chain Drive
  • Seat Height 29 inches 
  • 10" Rims
  • Two Seater
  • Front Disc Brakes & Rear Drum Brakes
  • Top Speed 50 MPH
  • PBZ125-2

Introducing the ALL NEW 2019 Champion Motorcycle. This is a nice combination of a Motorcycle and a Moped scooter. This is the replica clone of the CT70 mastered to look exactly like it! 

The 125cc Monkey is fitted with a performance chain drive 4 Speed SEMI-AUTOMATIC transmission that makes it easier to practice learning the real manual. Less experienced riders just need to hop on, twist the throttle and go. This model is perfect for any traffic condition, as the Semi Automatic transmission does not only make acceleration and deceleration easier, but also faster and more fun to ride! 

One of the many safety features of the PBZ125-2 Icebear Champion Scooter is - it is fitted with front disc and rear drum brakes, which makes deceleration more efficient. A quick, fast and better stopping performance is guaranteed whenever the brake is applied. Due to the use of disc brakes, there is no/little risk of wheel overheating whenever the brake is applied. Easy replacement of the brake was also considered in the design and manufacturing of the moped scooter.

The Champion Moped style Motorcycle is also fitted with strong, durable and reliable tires, which offers great traction. Hereby, aiding the brake, which makes riding safer. These tires were designed to conveniently ride on at the highest comfort level. 

Enjoy a relaxing ride as the heavily padded, beautiful leather seat of the moped gives you maximal comfort for both you and the passenger. 

Bright, long lasting head and taillights were fitted to lighten up and provide visibility all around the bike while riding on dark roads. The chrome plated exhaust was put in place to give nice acceleration sounds and high performance riding.


Engine type: 125cc, LC152FMI, Loncin 
Displacement (ML): 106.7 (110CC) 
Battery: 12V/4Ah
Weight (net/gross/capacity) 154/220/312 Lbs
Ignition System: CDI 
Fuel Tank Capacity (Gallons): 2 gallons
Max speed (MPH): 50
Transmission: Chain Drive
Brake Type (Front / Rear): Disc Brake / Drum Brake
Wheelbase (inches): 42 inches
Ground clearance (inches): 4.9 inches
Seat Height (inches): 29 inches
Tires (Front / Rear): 3.50-10/2.75-10
Product Dimensions Assembled (Inches): 65 x 23 x 39 
Product Dimensions Crated (Inches): 53 x 18 x 33
     Colors available: Red, Black, White, Grey