Foot Pegs Support Brace Gritshift V2 CNC for Talaria

The Footpeg support brace for the Talaria Sting is now in production! These will be billet aluminum 7075, and anodized black! This is a much cleaner and more appealing design from the basic versions typically seen for the Sur Ron!

This design also includes rubber grommets for anti-rattle, and tolerance play for anybody that slightly bent their brackets in the past! Threaded ends are a huge improvement to prevent outward bends from rocks or stumps catching the foot pegs during hard Enduro riding.

NOTE:This has been redesigned to fit the most recent batches of Talaria without the requirements of drilling out your foot pegs. and is a simple bolt in process. Loosen one side foot peg mount slip in the brace, and bolt together then tighten the foot peg bracket back to OEM specifications.

  • Anodized black finish
  • 7075 billet aluminum
  • Anti-rattle rubber grommets
  • Threaded ends with hardware to prevent outwards bending from rock or stump impacts
  • Major upgrade for the guys that enjoy jumping and riding on motocross tracks!