DirtyBike RK 420 Gold Series Primary Belt to Chain Conversion Surron LBX

DirtyBike Industries primary drive system now available with the best sealed 420 chain available. RK 420 GB MXU!

If you ride in dusty, sandy or muddy conditions you may have primary belt slippage which will eventually fail the stock primary belt, possibly leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Don’t let this happen! Install a DirtyBike Industries primary chain drive system. With the world famous RK GB4MXU chain, this is a necessary upgrade for the serious off-road rider and maintains stock gear ratio.

RK GB420MXU Sealed chain is one of the stongest and quietest 420 chains available.

Master link makes for easier installation and the chain can be replaced easily without removing the swing arm.

This kit comes with db DirtyBike Industries exclusive 1mm aluminum alignment shim allowing you to adjust the sprocket alignment for a quieter, longer lasting drive system.