Talaria Ignition Key & Lock Set

Replace your Talarias worn-out ignition switch with this OEM replacement. Over time many Talraias have seen failed ignition switches' causing your favorite e-bike to begin cutting off with any slight bump in the road. This creates quite a dicey situation if you are an experienced rider or pushing to learn on more advanced terrain. This situation only gets worse from there eventually you will need to wiggle the key to get the bike to attempt to power on and eventually the contacts become so worn the bike may not want to power on at all.

If your replacing your ignition set, the best solution and most efficient thing to do is replace the entire lockset. Nobody wants the hassle of carrying 2 mismatched keys for one bike. This kit includes both the ignition and battery cover lock, for seamless use with matched keys.

  • Reduce bike shut off caused by a faulty ignition switch
  • Plug and play direct replacement for Talaria Models
  • Secure solution - The cylinder's retains the anti-theft functions
  • Easy installation - Replacement is relatively simple and requires no special tools