Drive Belt Gates GT4 Sur-ron / Segway / Talaria X3 Concept

We have spent multiple months working with Gates to produce a product to exceed what is currently on the market. After several meetings and test, We have found the optimal belt width for the Sur Ron and Segway is 16 mm, there have been many belts made available in the 17mm width with the thought being that the widest possible fit, will be the strongest, unfortunately, that has come to be untrue and confirmed during our time working with Gates-Belts engineers. Most commonly due to the slight misalignment of the motor and jackshaft pulley, the belt can push its way to the outside edge and begin causing friction on the sides of the belt. This increased friction will cause pre-mature failure of most belts, and unwanted pulley wear. Not to mention belt tracking which will limit the belt's actual contact points on your pulley.