2023 TSE300 Enduro dirtbike

 linkage and non linkage available! OFF ROAD USE ONLY

The engine features a counter balancer as well as a mechanical power valve. Alloy lightweight barrel with coated bore. 6-speed gearbox with wet multi plate clutch. Efficient electric start as well as kick start back up as stock. Carburetor induction.

New front cartridge forks are fully adjustable and were developed by SZC who are one of the largest aftermarket parts companies in China. 
The rear suspension is non-linkage as well as fully adjustable. Billet top and bottom yokes as well as wheel hubs. Strong rims and thick stainless steel spokes. Very powerful brakes . Strong alloy sump shield and an automatic fan kit as stock. A ribbed exhaust for strength and a beautifully welded lightweight alloy silencer. Powerful 5 LED front light. Supplied with rear light and a tool and jetting kit.


  • Includes hour meter 
  • Performance exhaust
  • Alloy subframe
  • Lithium battery
  • O-ring chain
  • Pre-mix
  • New body work and air box for better air flow
  • Race Carb and CDI
  • Waffle style air filter
  • 2.5 gallon fuel tank
  • New LED headlight and mounting
  • 300cc two stoke engine w/electric start
  • Six speed wide ratio transmission
  • CNC triple clamps & footpegs
  • Trip / Speedometer
  • Light weight central backbone chromo "A" box frame
  • Frame guards & 3m Heavy duty graphics
  • Enduro X Series wheels
  • Rebound, compression adjustment suspension front and rear NON-linkage
  • Head light and tail light kit & racing number plate included
  • Weight 240 lbs